Miley Cyrus's top came off in the middle of the show

Miley Cyrus received 2022 in Miami, United States, with a mega outdoor concert. The 29-year-old interpreter participated in the musical show organized by the local network NBC. Everything was going completely normal until an unforeseen event caught the audience's attention: the artist's wardrobe played a trick on her and she, she just started singing, she almost went topless on stage.

A few minutes after midnight, the singer performed her iconic song "Party in the U.S.A." when the straps on her top came off. With complete fortitude, the pop star held the garment in her hands, turned to turn her back on the audience, and continued walking across the stage as she sang the lyrics. Instantly, she opened a screen that allowed her to leave the scene and quickly run to the dressing room, to change her clothes.


While the band continued to play the melody and the choristers sang the part that Miley was to perform, the artist reappeared on stage, now with a striking red blazer that she wore with nothing under her. Few seconds after resuming the concert, Cyrus came out of the awkward situation with humor: "Now everyone is looking at me!", She shouted with laughter and received the applause of her fans

Miley Cyrus returned to her, quickly changed her clothes and resumed the show with complete peace of mind.

Almost at the end of the recital, the composer thanked the audience for having attended the event and made a heartfelt reflection on the incident she suffered: “Tonight's program has tried to be flexible. To withstand the blows and make the best of the worst circumstances. And that resistance shouldn't end here. Let's take that into the new year with us. We have all learned to expect the unexpected, "said the singer. 

  Miley Cyrus's top came off in the middle of the show