On her 18th birthday, Emma Watson “oops” Moments

18th birthday is always one of the most memorable events in a person’s life. For Emma Watson, her 18th birthday party is also memorable, but unfortunately it is memorable in a way no one wants. Shining after the role of Hermonie in Harry PotterEmma’s birthday party was enthusiastically welcomed by journalists. 

However, that enthusiasm soon turned into extreme, condemnable as the paparazzi lay sprawled on the pavement, right next to the door where Emma had stepped out to capture indiscreet pictures of Emma.

True to her personality, Emma Watson chose a simple black, knee-high camisole dress. She wore a Classic Chanel bag and pointed black loafers on her shoulder. The English rose doesn’t wear a lot of makeup, and her hair isn’t combed, but she’s still as beautiful as the rest of the world.

On her 18th birthday, Emma Watson “oops” Moments

 However, before the blatant and excessive actions of the paparazzi when lying on the ground to get photos showing sensitive parts, Emma’s sweet smile gradually faded away. Her face clearly shows discomfort, sadness 

The actress also shared that she felt very panicky when she woke up the next morning, everywhere she looked and saw her indiscreet image spread all over the newspapers and online news sites. Wearing a simple black dress, I thought I would celebrate a simple and cozy birthday with loved ones. Who would have thought that the black color of the dress would even be on Emma’s that night!