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Jason Momoa's on Saturday Night Live

The last months Jason Momoa has become one of the most followed s-x symbols in Hollywood. And even American TV has noticed it, often hosting it in various broadcasts. The famous comedy show on Saturday Night Live, however, has recently done better: it has inserted Jason Momoa into a sketch, making a spicy joke about his charm.

The sketch in question was aired last Saturday, in the episode of October 26th. As you may know, Saturday Night Live, which has been on the air since 1975, is in fact made up of various comic skits that are played live, in front of the public, and it is not uncommon for the actors to laugh at some point.

In addition, these sketches often follow regular columns, in which certain politicians or certain American television broadcasts are made fun of. The scene in question then aired during the Judge Barry segment, in which super-host Chance the Rapper played a particularly hasty judge.

In this sort of parody of the television courts, various cases were staged on the verge of paradoxical, the last of which saw Jason Momoa in the role of the accused. The Hawaiian actor made his debut with "Your hombre" instead of "Your honor", immediately setting the tone for his performance.


The funniest moment, however, came when Momoa opened her leopard-print shirt to show her nipples, on which he had hung his accuser's earrings. At that point the hall could no longer hold back, as probably happened for the American public.

Jason Momoa's nipple sketch on Saturday Night Live

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