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Michelle Rodriguez proudly publishes an image of her armpits without shaving

Michelle Rodriguez proudly publishes an image of her armpits without shaving

The actress of the famous saga of action movies published a photograph on her social networks in which she is seen with abundant hair.

Celebrities are usually seen impeccable and divine but not all of them are shown as they are: without makeup, without elaborate hairstyles and even without shaving. Michelle Rodriguez, the female actress of 'Fast & Furious', revolutionized social networks with the publication of a photograph of her on her personal Instagram account in which she appears showing her armpit full of hair. Without a hint of modesty, the interpreter was proud of her publication and even flaunted it.

"My armpit hair is growing and I love it," Michelle wrote in the caption for the photo. The actress wanted to celebrate with this image the recording of her new movie, 'Tomboy, A Revenger's Tale' in which she plays a man, a professional assassin, who is forced to undergo a sex change operation.

After sharing the photograph, many of her fans were divided into two camps: those who supported the actress's decision to publish said image and others who felt "disgusted" at the snapshot. "You are a woman! You shouldn't be walking around like that!" or "Never mind, she's still attractive!" were some of the comments made about the actress.

Michelle Rodriguez, a different woman

This is not the first time that the actress has starred in an "unpleasant" episode for some of her fans. Without going any further, the last repulsive image in which she appeared belongs to the television program 'Running Wild with Bear Grylls'. In the adventurer's show and after running out of food, the interpreter was forced to cook a mouse in her own urine and then eat it.

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