Alexandra Daddario rocks a black bikini as she hits the ocean on the beach in Hawaii

Alexandra Daddario rocks a black bikini as she hits the ocean on the beach in Hawaii

Alexandra Daddario traded in her iconic red one-piece for a black bikini as she snorkeled in Hawaii.

Alexandra Daddario has proven that it's always summer in Hawaii. The Baywatch actress, 34, has been filming HBO's new limited series The White Lotus on Maui, and stepped out on the beach in a gorgeous two-piece swimsuit. She looked right at home in the water as she rocked a black bikini on December 1, with a sports bra-style top and matching pants.

The dark-haired beauty showed off her toned abs as she waded through the waves and headed to the beach with snorkel gear in hand. She wore fins, a mask and a snorkel as she walked across the sand with her black hair slicked back. The show she's filming, which also hosts Euphoria star Sydney Sweeney, is set in a tropical resort and follows the hilarious adventures of hotel guests and employees over the course of a week.


Alexandra recently sat down with HollywoodLife for an exclusive interview about her career. The Baywatch star said that she has no shame in being a big fan of romantic comedies. "Who doesn't love a romantic comedy?" she said. “I think, especially in the world we live in right now, there's so much and sometimes it can be really nice to live in the dark or the stress or this or that. And there are movies that are really important that are not funny and have to exist. But every once in a while, you just want to sit down and watch a movie that's simple and fun and about love."


However, she also believes in "challenging herself" by stepping out of her comfort zone. "I want to explore all kinds of things," she began. “I really want to challenge myself to do different things. One of that is you have to have a professional tactic. And then some of that, especially as I get older, is life. What is going to make me happy? What can I do just for myself? At a certain point, you don't have to think too much about business."