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Tina Turner says goodbye to her fans

Tina Turner will use Ella Tina de Ella's upcoming documentary to bid farewell to her fans after decades of stardom. On Twitter about her, Turner shared the trailer for the HBO Max documentary, explaining that it was "the only way" to tell her story. "Excited to share the official trailer for #TinaFilm, a never-before-seen look at my life," she wrote. 

The musical legend's life has been depicted on screen before with the 1993 film What's Love Got to Do With It, starring Angela Bassett as Tina. She also talked about her childhood and career in her autobiography. Me, tina, sharing how her early life had been dominated by abuse.

Born Anna Mae Bullock, the singer was raised in Nutbush, Tennessee. In the new documentary, according to The Sun, Turner describes her difficult upbringing, including claims that her mother didn't like her. After leaving home, she formed a musical partnership with Ike Turner, whom she married in 1962, and the pair created such hits as "River Deep – Mountain High" and "Proud Mary."

"For a long time I hated Ike, I have to say," the on-screen singer admitted in Tina. "But then after he died, I really realized that he was a sick person." She added: "It hurts me to have to remember those moments, but at a certain stage forgiveness takes over, forgiveness means not having to put up with it." But why has Tina chosen this moment to say goodbye to her devoted fans?

Why Tina Turner says goodbye to her fans

Tina Turner has decided to leave the spotlight after various health problems

 Tina Turner also opens up about the post-traumatic stress disorder she suffered from Ike Turner's abuse in her upcoming HBO Max documentary, Tina. "It was not a good life. The good didn't balance the bad," she told the filmmakers of the documentary. “I had an abusive life, there is no other way to tell the story. Is a reality. It is a truth. That's what you have, so you have to accept it."

"Some people say the life I lived and the performances I gave, the appreciation, it's amazing with people. And yes, you should be proud of that. I am," Tina continued, reflecting on her legacy. But when do you stop being proud? I mean, when, how do you slowly retreat? Just go away?

Now 81, the legend's decision to say "goodbye" to fans follows years of medical problems, including cancer, a stroke and kidney failure, which required a transplant in 2017. The following year, Tina also had to face the tragic death of her son Craig. She finally made her farewell trip to the United States to attend the Broadway premiere of The Tina Turner Story in 2019.

"She said, 'I'm going to America to say goodbye to my American fans and I'll be done,'" Erwin Bach, whom she married in 2013, revealed in the documentary. (The couple prefers to spend their time in Switzerland.) "And I think this documentary and the play, this is it, is closure."

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