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Benefits of walking barefoot that you did not know

Benefits of walking barefoot that you did not know

The feet have many nerve endings and by walking barefoot we stimulate our energy points. If we do it on natural surfaces, such as grass or sand, we will improve circulation.

Do you like to take off your shoes as soon as you get home from work? Do you spend the whole weekend barefoot at home? Do you take advantage of an afternoon in the park to take off your shoes and walk on the grass? All this has several advantages. Find out what are the benefits of walking barefoot on different surfaces. Be it summer or winter, take off your shoes!

Walking barefoot is a more than toning exercise for the body. This is because our feet have a large number of nerve endings and there are many organs that benefit from this activity. 

It is good to be without shoes several hours a day (as much as your daily activities and obligations allow), because that way you can unblock the contained emotions that later become anxiety, depression or even illness.

What is it good for to walk barefoot?

Walking barefoot for a few hours a day has benefits for the skin, it helps us rest from tight shoes and heels in the case of women.

If we walk on the fine sand, we will be massaging the feet, relaxing the muscles and also getting rid of impurities.

From a bone point of view, walking barefoot is very good for improving the anatomical structure and mechanical processes of the body.

If we walk without shoes on rough surfaces and without lateral inclination, the foot will adapt to that environment and will also do a different job than it is used to when it is inside a shoe.

You can also walk barefoot on inclined surfaces, but always do so with great care to avoid muscle overload in the knees, hips, spine and buttocks.

Going without shoes improves blood circulation and strengthens the feet. It allows blood to be better pumped towards the heart.

Who is recommended to walk barefoot?

In the case of babies, it is better for them to walk barefoot than with shoes, because they will develop the motor neuronal connection better, their perception of space will improve and they will be more secure.

And for the elderly, it is also good to be able to eliminate muscle tension from sitting or lying down for a long time.

People are designed to walk barefoot in nature. That is why it is advisable to go from time to time to a park, the countryside or the beach to have contact with the most natural that exists.

How long is the recommended time to walk barefoot?

The ideal is to walk barefoot one hour a day, if it is in a natural environment, much better. If you live in the city, at least do it at home. 

If it is cold, some socks can help, although it is more advisable to walk without anything that can put pressure on us or not allow the fingers or ankles to move freely. At least stepping on a rug can help.

Walking on your toes and then on your heels is a good exercise to strengthen your feet. And if we do sports, it is a good idea to test if you can practice barefoot.

More benefits of walking barefoot 

It allows to correct the imbalances in the movements and strengthens muscles and bones of the feet and ankles, achieving a greater integration of the organism.

Gives strength to the muscles of the hips and legs, improving balance and walking, more agile.

It exerts less joint torque when running, which helps athletes in their performances. In addition, the rotational forces of the three joints included in the running mechanism are lower, avoiding injuries and tensions in the kneecap. And it also increases the internal rotation force in this area, improving the tibio-femoral compartment.

It makes us have a different footprint, more cushioned than when we wear shoes, therefore we tire less and avoid overloading some muscles. The foot rests on the heel instead of the toes. The impact of the body weight is more distributed and injuries are avoided. This is great for women who wear very high heels, for example.


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