Spanish presenter Adriana Abenia suffers EPIC wardrobe malfunction

This Juana MartΓ­ dress does not allow much freedom of movement. An oversight made the reporter pose smiling before the cameras with one br*ast exposed.

Adriana Abenia has once again scandalized locals and strangers. The presenter, who for some time has been away from television waiting for a commission that will restore her lost splendor, has unintentionally shown a br*ast while she posed smiling at a photocall. The one who began as a talkative reporter for 'SΓ‘lvame' under the protection of Jorge Javier VΓ‘zquez tried to seduce the cameras with her suggestive curves, wearing a black dress with transparencies that left very little to her imagination. 

So little, in fact, that what she managed to cover with the scant fabric that made up her outfit was exposed due to an oversight that left one of her br*asts within reach of the camera flashes. The reporter posed confident and giving the graphics the best of her smiles on the red carpet of the GQ Awards, but her daring dress played tricks on her and seeing the face she put on when she noticed the incident, it crossed her mind that of "Earth, swallow me!".

The outfit in question, signed by the designer Juana MartΓ­n, is crowned by a generous V-neckline that goes far beyond the chest. In addition, it so happens that Adriana Abenia chose not to wear a bra to attend the evening and an unfortunate movement of her shoulders caused the left strap to move, opening the neckline even more. With this, the reporter's chest 'greeted' those present, being one of the most commented notes of color of the evening.

In addition, Adriana Abenia's furtive chest is added to the fact that her transparencies also left her rear in full view of everyone, although that was indeed programmed. The stunned face of the presenter says it all, she was embarrassed to death, but she managed to compose herself using her characteristic sense of humor to get out of the stumbling block and continue monopolizing the flashes.