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Salma Hayek was not always glamorous, these are all the surgeries she has done to her body

Salma Hayek became a trend this Tuesday after an unpublished photograph was spread on networks where the Veracruz woman appears eating some tacos; The image, from several years ago, went viral due to the reactions generated by users, who recognized the simplicity with which the actress and businesswoman posed while enjoying the typical Mexican dish while sitting on a bench, in what appears to be a typical establishment, far from glamor and luxury. 

Salma Hayek was not always glamorous, these are all the surgeries she has done to her body

In addition to this detail, highlighted by Internet users, there were those who highlighted the great physical change that the famous Mexican actress has had since then; And it is that although the producer has also denied being fond of surgeries and aesthetic arrangements, images like this question her claims. Users did not hesitate to notice some "arrangements" that Salma Hayek would have made throughout her more than three decades of artistic career.

Just last week we saw the actress share on her Instagram account a postcard from yesteryear with which she celebrated having been assigned her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame: “Today I am combining a #tbt image with a very recent news, because this image represents how surprised and happy I was when my team showed me the announcement that they have given me the star. on the Hollywood walk of fame! A few minutes ago. Thank you fans for supporting her over the years,” the actress wrote last Friday.

his event was also celebrated by millions of her fans around the world, who considered that it was time for the Veracruz woman to be recognized in this way. The brand new businesswoman and Oscar winner in 2013 has reason to celebrate and so she let her admirers see it. Salma Hayek began her artistic career in 1988, a stage in which she began working on television in various melodramas, before making her leap to Hollywood in the early 1990s. Since then her career has been on the rise to enjoy the fame, prestige and wealth with which he enjoys today.

These are the surgeries that Salma Hayek has undergone

And although the brand-new actress from Veracruz has always denied being a fan of surgeries, the physical changes that she has experienced are evident and palpable when admiring the photographs of her from years past, some that she has even shared on the internet. her social networks. To corroborate the changes that her faces and her body have undergone over time, an internet page took on the task of going deeper and investigating in depth to discover what aesthetic processes the businesswoman and producer has undergone. over the years. 

The first change that is obvious is her breasts, many doubt that the attributes that the actress currently boasts are natural, so Salma Hayek should have undergone breast implant surgery, something that many would still doubt if it were not for the past photographs of the actress, where a gradual growth of her breasts is evidenced over the years. What is certain is that now the actress can boast of an excellent result that has led her to show off her attributes on every occasion. 

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