Kim Kardashian's surgeon blames her for showing off a butt

Kim Kardashian's surgeon blames the model for sporting a cellulite-filled butt, which looks like, he says, "a deflated balloon."

Apparently, the most intimate secrets of Kim Kardashian's curvaceous rear were revealed by plastic surgeon Aaron Rollins, who, in an interview with the British newspaper Daily Mail, defended his work and blamed the socialite for the deterioration of his body, for which has been the victim of criticism in recent days.

The doctor said that if 36-year-old Kim Kardashian's famous butt looks like "a deflated balloon," it's because she's constantly gained and lost weight. In addition to the fact that she, she said, she has already been a mother twice and due to her age it is no longer so easy for her to show off a statuesque body.
 "Let Kim serve as a lesson to anyone who wants to make any part of her body bigger. If they have cellulite before the operation, they will have it after, too," Rollins said. Although Kim has never admitted to having undergone any surgery, the doctor revealed that she and her sisters have removed fat from their waists to put it on their butts, and warned that the transferred fat can grow in the new area, as from where was taken.
 Rollins said that now her clients no longer ask her to have buttocks like those of Kim Kardashian, but like those of Kylie Jenner, 19 years old, because she is younger and her weight has not varied as much as that of her older sister.Kim Kardashian was severely criticized because on her recent vacation on Mexican beaches, the star of the reality show "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" was seen in a thong wearing cellulite on her famous butt. 
 Kim Kardashian's surgeon blames her for showing off a butt that looks like "a deflated balloon"