Katherine Heigl Embarrassing Wardrobe Malfunction

While accepting the ShoWest award for Female Star of the Year in Las Vegas Thursday, one of the straps on her red Donna Karan dress broke. Shocked, the actress, 31, struggled to continue with her acceptance speech.

Access Hollywood host Billy Bush immediately ran to her rescue, holding her strap in place.

“Oh my,” he Twittered. “Hosting showest awards in LV. Heigl comes up to get award, dress strap breaks…I hold her top on while she accepts!”

All was well by the end of the night: Heigl regained composure and finished her speech. Later, she went backstage, found a pin to secure the strap and continued taking photos.

Earlier in the night, ShoWest managing director Robert Sunshine praised Heigl for her “ever-present charm and innate talent” that has made her “transition from TV screen to silver screen seemingly effortless.”

“Her comedic timing and flair for acting are showcased in each of her roles and have captivated audiences around the globe,” he said of Heigl, who is rumored to be leaving ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy this year.

Heigl returns to the big screen in June, costarring with Ashton Kutcher in the comedy Killers.

Katherine Heigl Embarrassing Wardrobe Malfunction