Elizabeth Hurley suffers wardrobe malfunction on the Red Carpet

She may be the star of show called The Royals - but Liz Hurley suffered a less than regal wardrobe malfunction yesterday evening.

The star revealed more than she had bargained for as she wore a long peachy gown at the Hot Pink Party for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation in New York

To avoid standing on her gorgeous gown s the 49-year-old lifted it up instead and revealed her bare bottom.

But she's used to showing off her smalls - Liz plays the leading lady Queen Helena in the new show The Royals which is a promiscuous take on the Royal Family.

Last year when Elizabeth attended the Hot Pink Party, the actress reflected on how the issue of breast cancer has touched her.

Speaking to InStyle she said: 'I know so many people personally who have been affected by breast cancer, which makes it such a moving cause to me...I believe in this cause because I don't want this disease to scare women anymore.'

 Elizabeth Hurley suffers wardrobe malfunction on the Red Carpet