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Jennifer Lopez was spotted puffing away on a cigarette

When Jennifer Lopez accepted to play the character of Ramona for her latest film Hustlers, the 50-year-old star knew she needed to fully step into her character’s mindset – even if that meant picking up a bad habit: smoking cigarettes. In a video for Vanity Fair’s series In A Day, Alex Rodriguez’s fiance takes viewers on a behind-the-scenes look at what a day was like during filming. “Sometimes I smoked one of the cigarettes and stayed in the mindset of Ramona,” she said after sharing, “Of all the props that the prop master bought me there was a blinged out lighter that I would hold every day.”


Jennifer Lopez was spotted puffing away on a cigarette

The mother-of-two continued, “Even in scenes where I wasn’t smoking or doing anything she’d just hand me the lighter and all of a sudden it was a different person.” If you’re a true JLo fan then you know the Medicine singer is all about the healthy lifestyle which is why the thought of her smoking might come as a bit shocking, however, the entertainer also takes her job very seriously which explains why she would do anything to master her character’s personality.

In preparation of her role, the Second Act star also turned to pole dancing lessons which she began taking four months before production. Of course, A-Rod loved the idea and accompanied her to the classes where he filmed short clips of her sharp dancing skills.

As to the number one priority when it comes to her healthy habits, JLo shares, “For me, probably sleep is the most important thing. It’s the one thing I don’t like getting interrupted,” she said.

“If I have an early call, I’ll be in bed early. I have to be disciplined about it. I come home and I just go to sleep. I don’t gotta take no melatonin. I do nothing. I don’t need to read a book, no meditation app. I hit that pillow and I’m out.” Perhaps that's the key to her success!

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