Will Smith Refused To Kiss A Co-actor For A Scene In 'Six Degrees Of Separation

Will Smith played a significant role in the 1993 movie 'Six Degrees of Separation'. During one of the shots, the actor refused to kiss his co-star, know why.

The list of Will Smith's films which turned out of commercial successes at the BO is infinite. But, irrespective of featuring in a plethora of movies one film of the I, Robot actor which sure managed to leave an impact in the minds of critics and audience was none other than Six Degrees Of Separation. Released in the year 1993, the romantic-drama Six Degrees Of Separation is one of the earliest movies of Will Smith. A highly riveting fact about the film is that Will Smith, who essayed the role of Paul, refused to kiss his co-star Anthony Michael Hall who played Trent Conway in the movie minutes before the shot. 


Will Smith Refused To Kiss A Co-actor For A Scene In 'Six Degrees Of Separation

Know Why Will Smith Refused To Kiss Anthony Michael Hall

Helmed by filmmaker Fred Schepisi, Six Degrees Of Separation is an interesting film revolving around the lives of an Art dealing pair and an African-American man. A significant scene in the movie demanded Will Smith's character, Paul, to kiss his co-star Anthony Michael Hall's screen character Trent in the film. Initially, Smith was initially not reluctant to pull off the scene but minutes before the take, he refused to go ahead with it.

As per trivia on IMDb, Will Smith did this because he thought that kissing a man on the silver-screen might portray a wrong image of him and would further disturb his career. The kissing scene in Six Degrees of Separation was ultimately filmed with the help of a camera trick which just showcases 'the back of the heads' of the actors in that frame. 


According to Will Smith, he took such a decision also because his friend and celebrated Hollywood personality Denzel Washington also told him not to kiss a man on-screen as it might give a wrong message to other filmmakers and would eventually hamper his career. These words by Denzel influenced Smith's decision in a major way.

Later in an interview with a popular entertainment portal, the Wild Wild West actor said now he regrets his decision. In fact, he thinks it was very immature of him to think like that when he was young. On the professional front, Will Smith will be next seen in a Hollywood biopic film titled King Richard in the lead role. Directed by Reinaldo Marcus Green, King Richard is slated for a 2021 cinematic release.