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Jameela Jamil opens up about her mental health movement

Jameela Jamil opens up about her mental health movement

“I'm not waging war on the exercise industry, but I'm creating a punk alternative,” said the actress.

Jameela explained, “The weight loss industry and the diet industry have become far too interlinked, and we look at exercise as something where we disingenuously say it's for my mental health, but for a lot of the time, it's about weight loss or it's about fitness, and it's become this very elitist culture.”

“They leave out people of colour, they leave out people with disabilities, they leave out pregnant people, they leave out people who live in bigger bodies,” remarked the 37-year-old.

The actress mentioned, “Every time we see someone in a bigger body wearing exercise clothes, there's outrage global outrage.”

Reflecting on her eating disorder, Jameela commented, “I had an eating disorder for 20 years, and so I looked at exercise as something I used to do just to punish myself for eating.”

“Mental health is the biggest benefit of exercise, and you don't have to wait six months for it to show; it's immediate,” mentioned the actress.

Talking about working on her Marvel Studios TV show, She-Hulk, Jameela disclosed that they wanted her to gain healthy weight, so she was exercising every day, and it changed her mental health.

“I didn't need medication so much anymore, and my sleep changed, my life changed, and I became a better and happier person,” she added.

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