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Bizarre photo of Elon Musk kissing robot baffles internet

Bizarre photo of Elon Musk kissing robot baffles internet

A set of viral images confronted social media users with a weird scenario involving Elon Musk. The photos weren’t as they seemed.

Elon Musk continued his unrelenting embrace of the future as images circulated online of the billionaire supposedly kissing robot women.

Internet users were left baffled this week when images of Musk — who has built a career in future-facing technologies including electric cars, space exploration and social media — kissing female humanoids went viral.

The four images, posted by Twitter user Daniel Marven, showed Musk embracing four different robot women, who had metallic bodies and female faces — but all was not as it seemed.

“Elon Musk announces the future wife,” Marven wrote.

“Who is she? It is the first robot that has been manufactured specifically designed with artificial intelligence, with the personality and the characteristics of the female that he dreams of … which is not found in any normal person, because of course, there is no normal person that has all the required specifications.”

The images were created using AI. 

Bizarre photo of Elon Musk kissing robot baffles internet

“The post is to clarify the dangers of AI (artificial intelligence) in the coming period, especially after Tesla Company released the first integrated robot ‘Optimus’,” Marven wrote in the same tweet.

The AI-generated images came just days after Tesla unveiled footage of its actual humanoid robots, known as Optimus, taking their first steps.

The clip was released at Tesla’s shareholders meeting last week and showed five Optimus robots performing tasks such as walking through an empty office, mirroring human movements and gently handling an egg.

Bizarre photo of Elon Musk kissing robot baffles internet

The Optimus robots are designed to complete “dangerous, menial or boring tasks”, Musk has previously said.

Twitter users poked fun at the AI-generated make-out images, which they said were not a far cry from Musk’s actual vision of the future.

“The Black Mirror trailer just dropped,” one user wrote, referencing the sci-fi drama that explores disturbing potential implications of a hi-tech future.

“This post does clarify one of the dangers of AI. It is being used to generate images like these to fool people into thinking they are real,” commented another.


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