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Kanye West 'bewitches' Bianca Censori amid Kim Kardashian, Tom Brady romance rumours

Kanye West 'bewitches' Bianca Censori amid Kim Kardashian, Tom Brady romance rumours

Kanye West, before Bianca Censori, suggested Kim Kardashian make Tom Brady her husband

Kanye West has treated his new wife Bianca Censori as his 'equal' as her former 'queen,' Kim Kardashian, formed contacts with Tom Brady.

The Donda hitmaker and the Australian native are a 'perfect match' as the Grammy winner treated her as his "status equal," as per Judi James, a body language expert.

"Kanye's body language with Bianca signals what seems to be a first for the producer and fashion guru," adding, "In previous relationships, he's adopted a variety of poses, from moody, cool and sulking to more sensual or sexual bosting displays, but with Bianca here, his body language looks almost suspiciously normal," the expert told The Mirror.

"Kanye isn't putting her on some virtual pedestal as he did with Kim or acting as though he's on a hot but temporary date," the 60-year-old continued. "He seems to have found his perfect match in body language terms, and the like-bodied poses should imply like-minded thinking, too."

On the other hand, the beauty mogul and former Patriots star got friendly as the reality star searched for a vacation home in his Bahamian neighborhood.

"Kim and Tom are friendly. She phoned him and asked him for his advice on Baker's Bay," insiders confided to Page Six.

Interestingly, the rap star urged his children's mother to get settled with the then-newly-divorce sports star in the controversial interview with Alex Jones's InfoWars last December.

"Go marry Tom Brady, whatever you want to do, but get married and use your platform as an influence to keep families together. Don't let the devil use you," the 45-year said at the time.

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