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Biden meets AI experts in an effort to mitigate risks of technology

Biden meets AI experts in an effort to mitigate risks of technology

"An incredible opportunity, but a lot do deal with", says Biden about AI regulation amid claims it is an innovation that can potentially destroy the world

As US President Joe Biden has taken a step towards managing the risks posed by AI, the time is approaching when AI will be prevented from potentially destroying the world.

A White House official said in a statement that President Joe Biden will meet artificial intelligence experts in San Francisco on Tuesday as part of his administration's efforts to manage the risks posed by AI.

The White House said the meeting is the administration's latest effort to explore the technology's potential benefits and curb its potential risks. Experts who understand both AI's potential risks as well as its benefits if it is constructed safely are expected to attend.

Sal Kahn, the founder and CEO of Kahn Academy, Jim Steyer, the CEO of Common Sense Media, and Tristan Harris, executive director and co-founder of the Centre for Human Technology, will all be present at the meeting.

In order to mitigate the risks posed by AI, the Biden administration published a framework last year.

In addition, in February, Biden signed an executive order directing federal organisations to eliminate bias and advance equity in the development and application of new technologies, including AI.

Recently, the administration announced a $140 million investment in seven new AI research centres in May, while Vice President Kamala Harris hosted executives from several companies developing artificial intelligence products, including Google and Microsoft, at the White House.

"AI is a top priority for the President and his team," the White House official's statement said.

According to NBC, the meeting with Biden was announced at a time when interest in AI applications has skyrocketed. An AI chatbot named Chat GPT has gained international attention after passing an MBA final exam, sparking questions about plagiarism, and assisting users in creating emails to friends, family, and coworkers.

However, the rise of Chat GPT has also highlighted worries about the development of artificial intelligence, prompting Congress to work quickly to comprehend and control the emerging technology.

Earlier this month, Biden cautioned that AI could "overtake human thinking" and "change the character" of future wars in a commencement speech, citing AI experts he claimed to have met with.

"So we’ve got a lot to deal with," Biden told graduating students at the Air Force Academy. "An incredible opportunity, but a lot do deal with."


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