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Netflix bashed for showing Titanic movie after deadly submersible tragedy

Netflix bashed for showing Titanic movie after deadly submersible tragedy

Netflix says the movie was scheduled months before submarine incident

Netflix has recently been bashed for its insensitive move to show 1997 movie Titanic on the streaming platform days after the Titan submersible tragedy that killed five people.

According to Independent, five wealthy individuals went for an undersea expedition to visit the wreckage of the Titanic, run by OceanGate earlier this month.

Experts believed that the submersible they were travelling in had an implosion that likely killed everyone in the sub because of the intense water pressure in the North Atlantic.

Few days after the tragic incident, Netflix announced that James Cameroon movie would return to the streaming service on July 1.

Following the news, several people took to social media and slammed Netflix for “trying to capitalise off a sad tragedy”.

One user wrote on Twitter, “Netflix hosting Titanic a week after the Oceangate incident is actually disgusting. They never disappoint to show everyone how greedy they are.”

Another user tweeted, “I didn’t think Netflix would sink so low as to add Titanic to their streaming list during this time.”

“Netflix is messy as hell putting Titanic on there,” remarked another person.

Variety reported that Netflix already decided to show Titanic on their streaming service prior to this incident and it’s just a “coincidence”.

The outlet added that the return of Titanic on the streamer was scheduled months before the Titan submersible went missing.


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