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ChatGPT owner OpenAI to launch first foreign office in London

ChatGPT owner OpenAI to launch first foreign office in London

OpenAI to expand research and development in UK, focusing on building dynamic teams for safe AI creation and engineering

After emphasising regulations for the use of AI, OpenAI — the US company behind ChatGPT — has announced that its first international office will be based in London.

The company's chief executive, Sam Altman, said that the move was an "opportunity to attract world-class talent".

It follows his criticism of the EU's proposed artificial intelligence (AI) legislation, which would have required businesses to disclose the materials used to train their systems.

Meanwhile, the UK is developing "pro-innovation" regulations.

"We are thrilled to extend our research and development footprint into London, a city globally renowned for its rich culture and exceptional talent pool," said Diane Yoon, OpenAI VP of People. "We are eager to build dynamic teams in research and engineering to reinforce our efforts in creating and promoting safe AI."

When ChatGPT burst onto the scene last November, the chatbot's ability to give human-sounding answers to questions kicked off intense global interest in the latest AI-powered products.

It also sparked a debate about what threats AI potentially poses and what regulation is needed to mitigate those risks. At an event at University College London in May, Altman said he believed AI could create jobs and reduce inequality.

UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said at the event that AI could "positively transform humanity" and "deliver better outcomes for the British public, with emerging opportunities in a range of areas to improve public services".

ChatGPT has proven controversial, being briefly banned in Italy before it was restored in April 2023.

According to the BBC, Chloe Smith, the Science, Innovation, and Technology Secretary, said: "OpenAI's decision to expand into London as their first international office is another vote of confidence for Britain as an AI powerhouse and, in OpenAI's own words, for our vibrant technology ecosystem and exceptional talent."

She added: "Our AI sector already employs more than 50,000 people across the country, and we will continue to foster an approach which unlocks opportunity and cements our place as a global destination for artificial intelligence."


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