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How long is old version of TweetDeck back for?

How long is old version of TweetDeck back for?

Neither Elon Musk nor new CEO Linda Yaccarino's accounts confirmed old TweetDeck's return

The older version of TweetDeck, which was disabled last week leaving Twitter users annoyed and bothered, is once again back with free API access, The Verge reported on Sunday.

Twitter users began reporting that the older and better version of TweetDeck has returned overnight, however, it is still uncertain for how long. 

The new version had a rate-limiting paywall and there were no APIs that allowed the features in the older version to work. Meanwhile, third-party apps were banned in January.

According to Harpy developer Roberto Doering, the platform switched to the “old v1 API” to get the feature working.

"Please note that this doesn't mean that Harpy will be maintained again, seeing as Twitter will most likely shut down access to their legacy API (again) soon and third-party apps are still against their [terms of service]," Doering said.

However, neither Elon Musk nor new CEO Linda Yaccarino's accounts have confirmed old TweetDeck's return.

The social media platform had launched an improved version of its popular management tool, promising enhanced functionality and a revamped interface, providing users with a more seamless experience.

The announcement was made through a tweet, informing users that they can access the updated TweetDeck by selecting "Try the new TweetDeck" in the bottom left menu of https://tweetdeck.twitter.com.

The upgraded TweetDeck enabled users to have access to full composer functionality, allowing them to create and publish tweets directly within the platform. Additionally, the integration of Spaces, Twitter's audio chat rooms, allowed users to join and participate in live conversations seamlessly.

The inclusion of video docking enabled users to watch videos while simultaneously engaging with other content on TweetDeck. Furthermore, the introduction of polls empowered users to create interactive surveys and gather insights from their audience.

In a move to enhance user security and combat abuse on the platform, Twitter also announced a new requirement for accessing TweetDeck. Users were given 30 days to verify their accounts in order to continue using the management tool.

Verification aims to ensure that the users are authentic and trusted individuals or entities. By implementing this measure, Twitter intends to provide a safer and more reliable environment for users to engage with their followers and manage their Twitter presence effectively.

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