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Emily Blunt joins Tom Holland, Salma Hayek in family-first career decision

Emily Blunt joins Tom Holland, Salma Hayek in family-first career decision

Oppenheimer star Emily Blunt has joined the list of co-stars who decided to prioritize their family over their careers.

Emily, joining the list of Tom Holland and Salma Hayek said that there's an emotional cost for her and her young daughters if she prioritizes her career. 

In an appearance at the Table for Two podcast, the actress announced her break from acting to focus on family. She wanted to specifically focus on her daughter - 9-year-old, Hazel and 7-year-old, Violet.

She added that she can't balance between her career and family, so she decided to take a break from acting for this year. She said that the projects she did over the past year were very time-consuming and intense. 

The Hollywood star added that she can't bear the emotional cost of longer on herself and her kids. She also admitted to having guilt while leaving children during filming, reports Fox News.

Emily is married to her fellow actor John Krasinski and shares two daughters with her.

The actress's most recent project is Oppenheimer which has been hitting cinemas since July 21.

Tom Holland announced a break from Hollywood in June, following the completion of the AppleTV+ series. He said that the series had broken him.

Salma Hayek announced her break from acting saying that she just can't drop her family including her 15-year-old daughter to shoot television projects for several months.

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