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Maltese Local Criticizes Meghan Markle for Disregarding Traditional Għonnella Headdress in Elle Photoshoot

Maltese Local Criticizes Meghan Markle for Disregarding Traditional Għonnella Headdress in Elle Photoshoot

A Malta native voices concerns over Meghan Markle's conduct and lack of respect for the traditional Għonnella headdress during her Elle magazine photoshoot. Photographer Kurt Arago shared two eventful days with Meghan Markle in March 2015, capturing moments for the magazine. Meghan's visit to Malta garnered approval from the local tourist board as she embarked on a journey to explore her great-great-grandmother's birthplace.

Meghan's genuine excitement for the trip was evident, and she openly shared her enthusiasm on her blog, 'The Tig.' In her own words, she stated, 'When I was offered the opportunity to visit Malta and not only experience the beauty of the island but also connect with the land my great-grandmother came from, I eagerly accepted.'

Meghan's ancestral tie to Malta traced back to her great-great-grandmother, Mary Bird, born on the island in 1862. Mary Bird's early life was spent in Malta, where her father, Thomas Bird, served with the British military. She later moved to the United States, where she married George Merrill. Meghan's trip to Malta held deep personal significance as she sought to explore her family roots. Her stay at the boutique hotel Casa ALU in Valletta allowed her to fully immerse herself in the experience.

However, disappointment arose when Meghan's social media post about the trip vanished, leading to confusion and speculation. Amidst this, Meghan now identifies herself as having Nigerian heritage, disassociating from any link to Malta.

One of the most visually captivating moments from her visit was Meghan's donning of a traditional Għonnella headdress at the historic Castle Rocca Piccola Palace in Valletta. Yet, post-shoot, it came to light that the headdress's fabric had been digitally removed from the frame. The cause of this alteration, whether movement during the shoot or other factors, remains unclear, raising concerns among locals.

A professional cameraman who participated in the photoshoot provided insights into Meghan's behavior on set. He described her as having high demands and being rather exacting. She arrived with a sizable entourage and imposed strict regulations, including an instruction not to capture shots of her feet. The actress also exercised substantial control over the shoot, insisting on the use of premium champagne and exercising approval over all footage. According to the cameraman, her demeanor projected an air of self-perceived stardom.

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