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Are Kate Middleton and Prince William Planning a Surprise for Harry's Birthday?

Are Kate Middleton and Prince William Planning a Surprise for Harry's Birthday?

As Prince Harry celebrates his 39th birthday on Friday, September 15, he's yet to receive any public birthday greetings from his royal family members. The absence of these well-wishes is particularly notable given the ongoing estrangement between him and his father, King Charles III, as well as his brother, Prince William.

While Prince Harry has been showered with warm birthday wishes from his fans and loved ones, the question remains whether his immediate family will acknowledge his special day in any way. Traditionally, royal birthdays have been marked with public announcements and celebrations. However, recent trends suggest a departure from this practice, especially for non-senior working members of the Royal Family.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex could find their own way to make Harry's day memorable. Perhaps they will exchange private birthday greetings or even join him at the Invictus Games to celebrate together. Still, the likelihood of a public birthday message or a surprise visit from senior royal family members, such as King Charles or Prince William, remains low.

As Harry returns home via London this weekend, it's improbable that he will encounter any of his royal relatives. Reports suggest that any well-wishes from King Charles and Prince William would likely occur "behind closed doors," away from public attention. The Royal Family appears to be maintaining a deliberate boundary regarding their interactions with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, keeping them private and discreet for the time being.

Christine Ross, a royal expert, explained the shift in royal birthday greetings on social media, emphasizing the Royal Family's preference for focusing on main working members. While there may be private calls or texts exchanged between Prince Harry and his immediate family, public messages are becoming increasingly rare, further reinforcing the desire for privacy in their interactions.

In summary, while the Duke and Duchess of Sussex may receive private birthday greetings, it seems unlikely that the Royal Family will publicly acknowledge Prince Harry's birthday, as they continue to prioritize maintaining their privacy and boundaries.

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