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King Charles has 'regrets' over Prince Harry's Coronation invite, says royal expert

King Charles has 'regrets' over Prince Harry's Coronation invite, says royal expert

During a discussion on Monday's episode of Lorraine, Russell Myers engaged in a conversation with Christine Lampard regarding Prince Harry's attendance at King Charles III's coronation. An authority on the royal family, Russell Myers, conveyed his belief that both the newly crowned King Charles III and Prince Harry might harbor regrets concerning Harry's invitation to the coronation ceremony.

Russell Myers, in his appearance on Monday's Lorraine, delved into the topic of Prince Harry's presence at King Charles' Coronation. The Duke of Sussex made a formal appearance at Westminster Abbey, elegantly attired in a suit for the auspicious occasion. However, his departure from the ceremony was swift as he proceeded directly to the airport. Russell opined that both sides would carry some remorse regarding his attendance, a perspective reported by the Express.

In a candid exchange with Christine Lampard, Russell expressed his belief that both King Charles and Prince Harry would grapple with feelings of regret in the wake of the Coronation. He articulated, "King Charles, at the age of 74, appears to be acknowledging the necessity of support from the younger generation. Recent years have been marked by scandal and conflict within the royal family, and it is imperative to mend these rifts and forge ahead. In this endeavor, he will rely on the presence and support of Prince William. It is heartening to reflect on the late Queen's sentiments, expressing her pride in her son."

Christine interjected with her observations, remarking, "There seemed to be a palpable sense of ease within the family during the event. They appeared to be genuinely enjoying themselves."

Russell responded, "As the ceremony progressed, King Charles seemed increasingly apprehensive, burdened by the weight of the occasion. However, the atmosphere lightened as the day wore on, and everyone seemed to partake in the festivities."

The conversation then shifted its focus to Prince Harry, who attended the event without his wife, Meghan Markle. Christine commented, "Prince Harry's presence certainly added an intriguing dimension to the day."

Russell pondered, "We initially expected Prince Harry to make a brief appearance, but he remained for approximately 24 hours. This is quite telling. While he had the justification of his son's birthday celebration, one cannot help but wonder how different things might have been had his departure from the Royal Family been less acrimonious. Perhaps he wouldn't have found himself seated in the third row. It's regrettable that, regardless of the past circumstances, there may be feelings of remorse on both sides. It's undeniably a somber situation."

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