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Prince Harry's Friends Express Concerns About Meghan Markle

Prince Harry's Friends Express Concerns About Meghan Markle

While Meghan Markle enjoys widespread admiration in the United States (with a few outspoken family members aside), it appears that the actress-turned-duchess hasn't garnered the same level of affection within a particular British circle: Prince Harry's close friends.

Among Harry's companions, including billionaire heirs and avid hunters, there is reportedly some unease regarding the Duke of Sussex's new spouse and her political viewpoints.

As per Lady Colin Campbell, a writer and friend of the royal family, Markle's "politics are a point of contention" for Prince Harry's inner circle. "She holds ultra-liberal views, and that trendy-left ideology doesn't sit well with some of Harry's friends," Campbell disclosed to The Daily Beast.

"He has introduced her to all of them at various gatherings, weddings, and private dinners, but she strongly opposes many aspects of their traditional pursuits, such as hunting."

It's worth recalling that Prince Harry has been an accomplished marksman (a subject that has generated controversy over the years). However, reports indicate that he chose to skip the annual Boxing Day shoot at Sandringham last December at the request of his fiancée, an animal rights activist.

Nevertheless, he embarked on a hunting expedition in Germany earlier that same month, where it's said he took down 15 wild boars.

Beyond their differences on hunting, Markle's notably outspoken father has given us another reason to ponder the alignment of Harry's political inclinations. During an interview with Good Morning Britain in June, Thomas Markle (in the first of many royal family exclusives) revealed that Harry had encouraged him over the phone to "give Donald Trump a chance." 

Whether this was merely an optimistic piece of advice or an endorsement of the then-current president, we may never truly discern.

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