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Meghan Markle Potentially Banned from JP

Meghan Markle Potentially Banned from JP: Security Concerns Arise Following Cocaine Incident

Amidst the Duke of Sussex's current presence in Japan for a sports and philanthropy summit during a solo trip, Meghan Markle is notably absent. Despite her reputation as an individual drawn to cameras and flashbulbs, her nonattendance alongside Prince Harry raises eyebrows.

A Twitter rumor surfaced, suggesting that paparazzi at Los Angeles airport witnessed a woman resembling Meghan detained at customs for alleged drug possession. The claim contends she was seen snorting cocaine and engaging in peculiar behavior in the airport restroom.

Adding intrigue, prior to this incident, Prince Harry openly discussed his mental health struggles and past use of drugs and alcohol as coping mechanisms. Speculation arose regarding Meghan's potential influence on his drug use, with suggestions of manipulation against the Royal Family. A segment of the public is convinced that both Harry and Meghan are still involved with drugs.

Opinions diverge, with some citing Meghan's raspy voice and behavior as indicative of potential substance use. Others harken back to Meghan's past as a "yacht girl," asserting that such a lifestyle often involves substance consumption.

Claims of Meghan's mother, Doria Ragland, being a heavy weed smoker find corroboration from Thomas Markle Sr. Allegations extend to Meghan distributing drugs at her wedding to Trevor. Some even scrutinize Prince Harry's demeanor, pointing to instances where he appeared under the influence.

Controversies surrounding Meghan's alleged drug use escalate, fueled by a mix of rumors, conjectures, and opinions. It's crucial to approach such claims critically, considering the credibility and reliability of the sources.

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