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Unveiling Anne's Alleged Leak: Meghan Markle's Controversial Phone Call to the Late Queen

Unveiling Anne's Alleged Leak: Meghan Markle's Controversial Phone Call to the Late Queen

Meghan Markle has unequivocally stated that if Prince Harry decides to visit his family in London, he will have to do so without her presence. She has made it crystal clear that she has no intention of ever returning to the UK, let alone sharing the same space with individuals like King Charles, Prince William, or even Princess Kate.

A source close to the situation stressed that Meghan's unwavering stance is driven by her apprehension of potential public backlash from the British populace. This revelation surfaces in the wake of claims from a royal insider suggesting that Meghan disclosed her early marital phone call with the late Queen to the media.

The fact that Meghan possessed the Queen's phone number has raised eyebrows, especially considering that even Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, did not have direct access to Her Majesty. Jenny O, a contributor on Kora, provides a plausible explanation.

She points out that the Queen, an elderly Monarch with an extensive responsibility of presiding over the Commonwealth of Nations, was unlikely to entertain direct calls from her grandchildren, let alone their spouses.

In the realm of royal support, the Queen's children were the primary sources of assistance for Harry and Meghan's marriage. Given the Queen's age and the complexities of her role, she was not in a position to serve as a mentor or provide personal assistance to a former yacht girl who had become involved with her grandson. It is evident that Meghan couldn't simply dial the Queen at her leisure. The Queen's privacy was closely guarded by the Knights of the realm, and Meghan's claims seem to be an attempt to undermine the Queen's standing by portraying her as someone eagerly awaiting casual conversations.

In reality, the Queen's life was highly regimented and exceedingly busy. Her schedule was meticulously planned, often weeks or months in advance. The notion that Meghan could casually make a call to her appears implausible. Significantly, only two individuals had direct access to the Queen's mobile phone and phone number: Princess Anne and the Queen's racing manager. Meghan's assertion of a direct call to the Queen appears to be yet another of her many fabrications.

Meghan's statement that she learned about Prince Philip's hospitalization during her interview with Oprah Winfrey and subsequently contacted the Queen to check in contradicts the actual demanding nature of the Queen's life. Meghan's claims serve to highlight the stark contrast between her portrayal of casual phone calls and the rigorous reality of royal life in the UK.

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