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King Charles Faces Image Concerns as a 'Progressive Monarch'

King Charles Faces Image Concerns as a 'Progressive Monarch'

King Charles is reportedly at risk of being perceived as outdated, with concerns raised about the historical rituals and traditional symbols incorporated into his coronation ceremony, according to Clive Irving, a columnist for The Daily Beast.

Irving expressed apprehension that the monarch's reliance on historical elements, such as the use of an orb, sword, and scepter, may impact his image of him. He noted that King Charles appears to retain a "20th-century" approach, with traditional rituals and an entourage reminiscent of past eras.

While there were expectations that King Charles would modernize the monarchy, Irving noted a lack of concrete steps in that direction. He expressed surprise at the absence of signs that the monarch is addressing the scale and cost of the monarchy in a contemporary and realistic way.

"I don't buy this thing that he's instinctively progressive. He makes a few gestures, but he's certainly not a progressive monarch, and I don't think he's even capable of being a progressive monarch," Irving warned about King Charles' approach .

The columnist suggested that the king's actions so far do not align with the notion of a naturally progressive stance, raising doubts about his ability to embody such a role.

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