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Meghan Markle sheds royal image for good, reemerges as 'power-celebrity'

Meghan Markle sheds royal image for good, reemerges as 'power-celebrity'

Meghan Markle’s appearance at the Power of Women gala in Los Angeles gave birth to questions regarding her Hollywood comeback.

According to body language expert Judi James, while speaking to Daily Express US, the Duchess of Sussex’s overall appearance and demeanour exuded Hollywood glamour rather than that of a royal.

"These are Hollywood poses, not royal ones. Her dress might be in the shade of beige she claimed to dislike having to wear as a royal, but her rather knowing, eye-narrowed smiles and the perfect displaying of this deceptively simple sheath dress all put her in a different league of power-celebrity."

The expert went on to add that Meghan being ushered along the carpet gave away a major sign of the former actress wanting to be the centre of attention.

"What looks like the biggest Hollywood comeback since Gloria Swanson in Sunset Boulevard is only marred by the one arm that seems to be pushing Meghan along and away as she poses for the cameras on the red carpet.

“The appearance of this PR’s arm does provide the biggest hint of how much Meghan is enjoying this very celebrity solo appearance though, going through a variety of what looks like pitch-perfect, well-crafted poses that include a sideways glance over one bare shoulder and a more statuesque pose with chin raised to suggest confidence and A-list elegance."

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