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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's Exit: A Monarchy in Peril

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's Exit: A Monarchy in Peril

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex's unprecedented departure from the Royal Family in 2020 posed a significant risk to the very existence of the monarchy.

Jonathan Pryce, known for portraying Prince Philip in The Crown and often considered a voice of royal protocol, shared his perspective with Newsweek, labeling the recent events among the royals as "unfortunate."

Pryce emphasized the critical role of rules in the institution of monarchy, warning that without adherence to these principles, the monarchy could face untimely demise. According to Pryce, "It is unfortunate that a series of events, recent events with Harry and with William... there have been a series of unfortunate events, shall we say, and they're played out against the background of this protocol. "

The Crown star also drew attention to Princess Diana and mentioned Prince Andrew, noting that stepping beyond the bounds of protocol led to the loss of his status and home.

"It's a way that they've found to exist. They have rules. If you bend the rules, where's it going to stop? And it will stop with the disintegration of the royal family. I mean, they exist because of their protocol. Their established protocol," Pryce observed.

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