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Prince Harry ‘determined’ to avenge Princess Diana with ‘significant’ move

Prince Harry ‘determined’ to avenge Princess Diana with ‘significant’ move

Prince Harry had filed six cases in the London High Court out of which he lost one in May

Prince Harry is adamant to take his legal fight with the British press as a judge rules for his lawsuit to go on full trial.

Months after he received a major blow in his police protection case back in May, the Duke of Sussex is now determined to make the most of his win, amid his strained ties with the Royal Family.

Moreover, King Charles' estranged son, Harry, has often blamed the press for causing the death of his mother, Princess Diana.

Royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams told GB News that Harry would “undoubtedly regard [the news] as very significant.”

Back in April, before the Coronation of his estranged father, King Charles, Harry appeared in the witness box for the case, the first royal in 70 years to do so.

Fitzwilliams noted that while the people merely “await the verdict” of the cases, Harry “sees it as his life’s work as he sees it to clean up the British media.” He continued, “Now, obviously this is a continuation of that.”

He added that Harry “won’t give up” in the trial against the British press, as “he’s driven by what happened to his mother, and also by his personal belief, which hasn’t wavered in this over the years.”

The commentator shared that Harry and his wife Meghan Markle have been clear on their views towards the royal family.

“One can say a lot about the Sussexes and their attitude to the Royal Family and the way they’ve behaved as far as this is concerned,” he said. “As far as Harry is personally concerned, he’s been totally consistent.”

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