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Royal Family 'Terribly Upset' Over 'The Crown' Episode: 'It's Vile'

Royal Family 'Terribly Upset' Over 'The Crown' Episode: 'It's Vile'

The Crown's portrayal of events in the royal family has stirred controversy, with a close friend and historian, Hugo Vickers, expressing disapproval over certain depictions in the latest season. Vickers revealed that the late Queen Elizabeth was briefed on the series by courtiers, and Prince Philip was reportedly "terribly upset" by an episode suggesting his partial blame for her sister Cecile's death in a plane crash.

Vickers described the show's portrayal as "vile," emphasizing the impact on real people's lives. He criticized the depiction of Queen Elizabeth, played by Imelda Staunton, stating that the character looks like a "bored housewife" and is unlike the real queen, who maintained a twinkle in her eye and a sense of humor even in difficult times.

Sara Nathan, Editor At Large for the New York Post, also criticized Peter Morgan, the creator of The Crown, questioning if he likes the late Queen Elizabeth. Nathan argued that the show paints the queen as emotionally unavailable and stymied by her duty, portraying her unfavorably.

The Crown has faced consistent criticism for its dramatized portrayal of historical events and its impact on public perception of the royal family.

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