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Prince William Playfully Accused of 'Dirty Mind' for His Choice of Emoji

Prince William Playfully Accused of 'Dirty Mind' for His Choice of Emoji

During a radio show appearance with his wife Princess Kate, Prince William has playfully stirred up some attention by revealing his most-used emoji, which apparently carries a double entendre.

The future King disclosed details about his emoji preferences during an interview for BBC Radio 1's Going Home show. 

When asked by host Vick Hope about his most frequently used character, Prince William teased, "Is this a clean thing? Is it a family one?" The remark prompted one of the hosts to jokingly accuse him of having a 'dirty mind.'

In response to the banter, Prince William continued with a playful tone, mentioning that he was advised not to pick the aubergine emoji, known for its sexual connotation. Instead, he revealed his choice as "the one with the eyes [that] go up and down, and the mouth." The hosts expressed surprise and delight at William's response, with one host noting, "He knows. He’s got a dirty mind."

Princess Kate also joined in the light-hearted conversation, sharing her most-used emoji. She said, "Mine’s probably going to be the heart with the crying emoji. The hysterical laughing when things have gone wrong."

The exchange added a touch of humor to the royal couple's public appearance, showcasing their candid side and engaging in playful banter about their digital communication habits.

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