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Princess Lilibet's Future Overshadowed by Dispute over Her Name

Princess Lilibet's Future Overshadowed by Dispute over Her Name

Princess Lilibet, the daughter of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, finds herself entangled in the ongoing rift between the couple and the royal family.

The Royal Report podcast delves into the repercussions for the toddler after the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were accused of misleading about receiving approval from the late Queen Elizabeth for their daughter's name.

Reflecting on this situation, royal correspondent Jack Royston expressed the tragedy surrounding Princess Lilibet. In his book on King Charles III, royal biographer Robert Hardman disclosed that the late monarch was upset over Harry and Meghan's decision to name their daughter after her cherished nickname.

Royston emphasized the lasting impact on Princess Lilibet, stating, "This isn't just about Harry and Meghan; this is about their daughter too. She was a newborn baby at the time, and she's only two years old now. She is going to have this name for the whole of the rest of her life."

The royal expert noted that the entire saga has cast a shadow of doubt on Lilibet, which will persist indefinitely. He remarked, "She will always have that little shadow of doubt over whether the queen actually did want her to have that name or whether she was furious about the whole thing."

Royston concluded, "I can see where the upset might have come from, but of all the things Harry and Meghan have said and done, this does seem a little bit like it's just picking on a newborn baby."

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