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King Charles distressed by Prince Harry's 'publicity stunt'

King Charles distressed by Prince Harry's 'publicity stunt'

Advisors urge the Duke of Sussex to exercise discretion in his actions

Prince Harry's recent visit to his ailing father, King Charles, has been labeled a 'publicity stunt,' reportedly adding to the Monarch's stress.

In a surprising revelation on February 5, Buckingham Palace disclosed that the King has been diagnosed with cancer.

Reacting swiftly to the news, the Duke of Sussex hurried to the UK and met Charles at Clarence House on February 6.

However, reports surfaced indicating that the former working royal spent a mere 30 minutes with his father during his time of need.

Speaking about Harry's spontaneous decision, royal expert Ingrid Seward expressed to Fabulous magazine that he should have allocated more quality time with his father during his recuperation.

She remarked, "The stress induced by Prince Harry’s impulsive behavior cannot have been beneficial for the King's health. He adores his son but remains uncertain about his next move."

"For a man of his age – he turns 76 this year – the notion of someone flying 11 hours across the Atlantic to visit him for less than an hour is nonsensical," added the royal commentator.

While acknowledging Harry's heartfelt gesture in meeting his father, Ingrid believes "it may not have been beneficial for either party."

The expert called upon Harry and Meghan to refrain from "publicizing every aspect of their lives."

She suggested, "Perhaps demonstrating a bit of humility could garner them more favor than their continual PR announcements."

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