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King Charles Issues First Statement Following Tense Meeting with Prince Harry

King Charles Issues First Statement Following Tense Meeting with Prince Harry

The Royal Family has released an important message from King Charles III, who, amid his battle with cancer, has made his first public statement following a reportedly "emotional and tense" 45-minute meeting with his estranged son, Prince Harry, at Clarence House.

On Thursday, the Royal Family's social media accounts shared the monarch's heartfelt message, extending congratulations to Grenada on its 50th anniversary of independence.

In his statement, the 75-year-old monarch conveyed his sincere congratulations and warmest wishes to the Caribbean island, remarking, "It gives me great pleasure to send you all my congratulations and warmest good wishes."

He continued, "Over these past five decades, I have watched with the deepest admiration as you have built your nation and forged Grenada's distinct place in the world, as an essential member of our Commonwealth family."

The King's message, delivered after Harry's visit with his ailing father, emphasizes the achievements of Grenada over the years, highlighting its leadership in democracy, human rights, and environmental stewardship.

"Together, you have established Grenada as an exemplar of democracy, human rights, and the rule of law. Together, you have risen to the most critical challenges of climate change and biodiversity loss by offering the world an example of leadership, resilience, and innovation," the statement reads.

He concludes by invoking the words of Grenada's national anthem, emphasizing unity and progress: "Together, you have given life to the words of your national anthem: 'Aspire, build, advance!'"

The King's message underscores the importance of unity and solidarity amidst the ongoing crisis within the royal family.

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