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King Charles Warned of Prince Harry's 'Money-Making' Actions

King Charles Warned of Prince Harry's 'Money-Making' Actions

Royal author Angela Levin has raised serious concerns regarding Prince Harry's unexpected visit and its implications for King Charles and Queen Camilla.

Levin cautioned the royal family against Harry's alleged intentions, advising them not to trust the Duke, as he may seek to capitalize financially or find fault in their interactions.

Speaking to GB News, Levin emphasized that Harry has lost the trust of the royal family since stepping down from his duties in 2020. She highlighted the difficulty in rebuilding trust once it's been compromised, suggesting that Harry's actions may be motivated by personal gain or the desire to criticize.

While Harry was previously known for his ability to negotiate and reconcile within the royal family, Levin claimed that his recent behavior has been characterized by confrontation rather than compromise, with a focus on asserting his own position at the expense of his father's.

Levin criticized the nature of Harry's visit, suggesting that he should have reached out beforehand to ensure he wouldn't be causing any distress to his father during a difficult time. She highlighted Harry's seemingly self-centered approach, from his sudden arrival to his desire to discuss matters immediately upon reaching the UK.

Reports indicate that Harry has returned to the US to be with his wife, Meghan Markle, and their children after a brief 24-hour visit to the UK, during which he spent 30 minutes in discussion with his father, King Charles.

The concerns raised by Levin underscore the complexities of the relationship dynamics within the royal family, particularly amidst challenging circumstances such as King Charles's cancer diagnosis.

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