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Piers Morgan stirs controversy with his inflammatory remarks about Prince Harry

Piers Morgan stirs controversy with his inflammatory remarks about Prince Harry

Piers Morgan ignited fury as he labeled Prince Harry a 'royal traitor' in his latest verbal assault against the Duke, who returned to Meghan Markle without meeting his brother, Prince William, during his brief 24-hour visit to the UK.

Taking to his platform, the 58-year-old outspoken TV presenter wrote: "Prince William is justified in distancing himself from the royal traitor Harry."

Morgan, known for his relentless criticism of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, raised eyebrows by jesting that he would "dismember" Prince Harry if he were his sibling, Prince William.

In the most recent installment of his show, Morgan sparked outrage with alarming comments, stating: "If one of my family members had spent the past few years disparaging the family on television, criticizing my wife, denigrating my father's wife, maligning my father, and so forth."

"I would dismember them limb by limb, and once all their limbs were severed, I would likely cremate them."

"I'm playing the devil's advocate; that's what the devil does," he ominously remarked. "I mean figuratively, what I intend to convey is profound anger," he hastily clarified, attempting to mitigate the tense atmosphere.

Viewers were taken aback by Morgan's remarks, with one expressing: "Why not focus on the fact that the King of England is battling cancer instead of targeting Prince Harry and Meghan?"

Another remarked: "Piers Morgan is talking about dismembering Prince Harry. Have you ever seen those extractions people pull out of their ears?"

Some social media users called for Morgan to be "held accountable" for his comments, with one tagging law enforcement agencies in London and LA to notify them of his statements.

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