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Prince Harry Faces Risk of Losing US Residency Amid Visa Update

Prince Harry Faces Risk of Losing US Residency Amid Visa Update

Legal complications regarding Prince Harry's US visa have intensified, posing a threat to his residency in the United States.

The Duke of Sussex's visa status became the focal point of a recent court proceeding, as Nile Gardiner from The Heritage Foundation provided an update to GB News' Patrick Christys.

Gardiner, advocating for full accountability in Harry's immigration process, emphasized the importance of disclosing his immigration records and questioned the circumstances under which the royal was initially permitted entry into the US.

Harry's admission in his memoir "Spare," published in January 2023, where he confessed to using cocaine, marijuana, and psychedelic mushrooms, has further complicated the situation.

Gardiner suggested the possibility of Harry facing deportation if inconsistencies are found in his visa application, highlighting the judge's serious consideration of the case.

The judge's intention to review Harry's immigration records privately indicates the gravity of the situation, emphasizing the need for transparency in the process.

During a previous hearing, John Bardo, representing the Biden administration, argued that the contents of the book do not constitute sworn testimony or proof, a notion Gardiner dismissed as absurd.

When questioned about potential deportation if Harry is found to have lied, Gardiner underscored that lying on an immigration application is a criminal offense, often resulting in the individual's expulsion from the United States.

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