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Prince Harry Finds Renewed Energy During Visit to Canada for Invictus Games Celebrations

Prince Harry Finds Renewed Energy During Visit to Canada for Invictus Games Celebrations

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex Participate in 2025's Invictus Games Preparations

Prince Harry found himself revitalized by the warmth of camaraderie and shared experiences during his recent trip to Canada.

Attending the One Year to Go celebrations for the 2025 Invictus Games in Vancouver Whistle, Prince Harry appeared notably invigorated, according to accounts from attendees.

Mike Bourgeois, a participant in the 2020 Invictus Games and representative of Canada's archery team, shared insights into Prince Harry's genuine engagement with the athletes.

"He demonstrates a sincere interest in your journey. He asks about your coaching, your learning experiences, and your overall well-being," Bourgeois revealed to People magazine.

Describing Prince Harry's interactions, Bourgeois remarked, "He even took the time to inquire about individuals' accommodations and thoughts on the food."

Prince Harry's focus, Bourgeois emphasized, lies in understanding the experiences of the athletes and acknowledging their paths to recovery. This genuine concern drives his involvement with the Invictus Games community.

"For those of us who have served, admitting vulnerability or seeking help is often challenging due to pride and the military culture of resilience," Bourgeois explained.

He highlighted the profound impact of Prince Harry's personal engagement during the event, stating, "When Prince Harry kneels down, looks you in the eyes, and engages in conversation, it validates your experiences and makes you feel truly seen and heard."

Bourgeois commended Prince Harry's authenticity, describing him as "super genuine" throughout the week-long event.

"This environment is where Prince Harry finds renewal. Surrounded by fellow soldiers and veterans, he draws strength from shared experiences and connections," Bourgeois concluded, underscoring the significance of the Prince's involvement in the Invictus Games community.

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