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Prince Harry might confront 'potential penalties' amid a complex US visa court case

Prince Harry might confront 'potential penalties' amid a complex US visa court case.

Harry has confessed to prior use of marijuana, cocaine, and psychedelic mushrooms.

Charles Rae has hinted at the likelihood of The Duke of Sussex facing deportation post a court ruling, expressing his reluctance towards Harry's return.

This situation has arisen due to The Duke of Sussex's visa becoming the subject of a recent court hearing, prompted by a conservative think tank's push for the public disclosure of Harry's US immigration records.

In his memoir "Spare," the 39-year-old prince openly acknowledged his past drug use, including marijuana, cocaine, and psychedelic mushrooms.

The think tank has pursued the case in court to ascertain the truthfulness of Harry's past disclosures during his visa application process.

Although the case won't determine Harry's ability to remain in the US, it will shed light on whether he received preferential treatment from the Department of Homeland Security regarding his visa application responses.

Royal expert Tom Quinn has remarked that Harry "could be in big trouble" given the impending court proceedings. Any revelation about his drug use documented in his memoir "could have implications for his status in the United States."

Quinn emphasized Harry's potential vulnerability, accustomed as he is to a world where royal status often exempts him from conventional rules. The outcome remains uncertain until the judge issues a decision, but Harry and Meghan are likely experiencing anxiety over the situation.

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