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Prince Harry Rushes Back to Meghan Markle After Meeting Ailing King Charles

Prince Harry Rushes Back to Meghan Markle After Meeting Ailing King Charles

Earlier this week, devastating news struck the royal family as King Charles received a diagnosis of cancer.

In a heartfelt display of devotion, Prince Harry swiftly rearranged his travel plans to hasten his return to Los Angeles and reunite with his beloved wife, Meghan Markle, and their children.

Witnesses spotted the Duke of Sussex disembarking from a Delta plane at LAX on Wednesday evening at 6:16 p.m. local time, signaling his expedited return to California. Sources speculate that Prince Harry opted for the Delta flight due to a reported two-hour delay with his original British Airways booking.

This emotional journey unfolded after Prince Harry flew from Los Angeles to London earlier in the week upon hearing the distressing news of his father's diagnosis. Despite the urgency, Harry's visit with his father was brief, reportedly lasting only 30 minutes before he felt compelled to return to the United States.

The spontaneity of Prince Harry's visit, while well-intentioned, stirred some tension, with reports suggesting that King Charles felt caught off guard by his son's unannounced arrival.

Prince Harry's unexpected presence disrupted the monarch's plans with Queen Camilla, altering their travel itinerary to Norfolk. While Charles graciously met with Harry at Clarence House, the Duke was not extended an invitation to stay, prompting him to opt for a luxurious hotel during his 24-hour stay in the UK.

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