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Prince Harry's Reconciliation Efforts Shift Public Opinion, Surprising Meghan Markle

Prince Harry's Reconciliation Efforts Shift Public Opinion, Surprising Meghan Markle

Prince Harry appears to have emerged from Meghan's shadow as he extends an olive branch to the royal family.

Meghan Markle finds herself taken aback as her favorability takes a nosedive following Harry's overtures toward reconciliation with the royals.

Harry's recent diplomatic gestures have earned him considerable support in the United States, nearly rivaling that of Prince William and Princess Kate, according to a recent poll.

Conversely, Meghan's popularity has seen a sharp decline despite her efforts to rebrand alongside Harry, who seems to be charting a favorable course among the public.

A survey conducted by Redfield & Wilton earlier this month among 1,500 adults revealed that Meghan's approval ratings have dwindled significantly. While 31 percent expressed liking for her, 30 percent expressed disapproval, resulting in a marginal net approval rating of plus one. This marks a substantial drop from December figures, where Meghan enjoyed a net approval rating of plus 15, with 45 percent of respondents expressing favorability.

Meanwhile, Harry's popularity is on the rise, with 42 percent of respondents expressing approval and only 16 percent expressing disapproval, granting him a net approval rating of plus 26. His standing in the U.S. nearly matches that of Prince William and Kate Middleton, who are currently America's preferred living royals.

While Meghan and Harry's earlier ventures, including the release of "Spare" in January 2023, were met with some negativity, their net approval ratings have shown improvement by December 2023. The couple's concerted efforts at rebranding, exemplified by the launch of their website Sussex.com and collaboration with Lemonada for a new podcast, underscore their commitment to reshaping public perception.

In light of Harry's success in winning over American audiences, some royal experts suggest that Meghan should emulate the approach taken by Harry, William, and Kate to garner support and enhance her public image.

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