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Kate Middleton’s Health Status Raises Concerns Amid Alleged Induced Coma

Kate Middleton’s Health Status Raises Concerns Amid Alleged Induced Coma

Kate Middleton reportedly faced post-surgery complications, leading to concerns of an induced coma, with silence surrounding her health condition fueling public suspicions.

Spanish journalist Concha Calleja, previously known for claiming the Princess of Wales entered a coma due to post-surgery complications, unveiled new details about Middleton's mysterious condition on the Spanish show Fiesta.

Calleja hinted at undisclosed developments, suggesting Middleton's health is evolving, albeit not as favorably as portrayed by the British royal house.

Aurelio Manzano added to the speculation, highlighting the contradictory information from the English Royal House regarding Middleton's hiring of a private secretary without providing visual confirmation of her well-being.

Calleja explained that Middleton's recovery was delayed due to the severity of the initial operation and unforeseen complications, prompting doctors to induce a coma.

Calleja cited an unnamed aide from the royal household, claiming Middleton's life was in great danger due to unexpected postoperative complications, which the doctors didn't anticipate.

However, Kensington Palace rebuffed these claims, labeling them as "total nonsense" and "totally made-up," criticizing the journalist for failing to fact-check with palace officials.

As concerns mount and uncertainties persist, the public eagerly awaits further updates on Middleton's health, hoping for clarity amidst the ongoing speculation.

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