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Prince Harry's 'Unpredictable' Nature Raises Concerns Within Royal Family

Prince Harry's 'Unpredictable' Nature Raises Concerns Within Royal Family

Prince Harry, once hailed as an 'authentic' working royal, has been described as 'unpredictable' by a royal expert.

The Duke of Sussex, who stepped down from his senior royal role in 2020, earned praise for his genuine demeanor during royal tours and engagements.

In an interview with Fox News, royal expert Valentine Low noted, "One of the things about Harry is he has no filter. You always saw authentic Harry which was fantastic, and he was also unpredictable."

Low reminisced about Harry's time as a dedicated working royal, highlighting his ability to inspire his team with his "energy, vision, and enthusiasm."

He fondly recalled a memorable moment between Harry and Jamaican star Usain Bolt during a tour in 2012, where Harry playfully competed and triumphed over Bolt in a 50-yard dash.

However, reports suggest that Harry's unpredictability has unsettled some members of the royal family.

Recently, amid King Charles's cancer diagnosis, Harry expressed a strong desire to reconcile with his estranged family in the UK. The Monarch, 75, also expressed openness to a potential reunion during a visit to the University of East London's Stratford campus last year, stating that it 'would be nice' if Harry reunited with the royal family.

Harry's unpredictable nature, while once celebrated, now appears to be a source of apprehension within the royal circles, especially amidst efforts towards reconciliation.

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