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Prince Harry Faces Calls to Resign as New Torture Claims Rock African Charity

Prince Harry Faces Calls to Resign as New Torture Claims Rock African Charity

Prince Harry, The Duke of Sussex, is facing criticism as fresh allegations of abuse emerge within an African charity.

The Duke of Sussex may encounter pressure to step down from his position on the charity's board of directors following a series of disturbing claims and accusations.

Reportedly promoted to the organization's governing board last year after serving as president for six years, Harry now faces scrutiny amid revelations of alleged torture and abuse within the charity.

Investigative journalist Olivier van Beemen's three-year probe uncovered harrowing details, alleging that armed rangers employed torture tactics to extract information from poachers.

Van Beemen's book, "Entrepreneurs in the Wild," sheds light on alleged misconduct by former and current staff at the African Parks charity, which receives funding from various sources including British aids, US billionaires, and celebrities.

One former ranger recounted instances of beating suspected poachers while they were tied up and suspended in the air, a method known as 'the swing.'

Assuming his new role in 2023, Prince Harry, husband of Meghan Markle, shares responsibility for overseeing the charity's policies and supervising management across 22 national parks in partnership with African governments.

However, the Duke faces backlash following these fresh allegations, with African Parks executives reportedly questioning his continued value to the charity post-royal departure.

According to The Times, concerns were raised about potential risks associated with Harry's "controversies" and their impact on the charity's reputation.

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