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Rose Hanbury Takes Legal Action Against Prince William Affair Rumours

Rose Hanbury Takes Legal Action Against Prince William Affair Rumours

Rose Hanbury, the Marchioness of Cholmondeley, has taken legal measures against late-night host Stephen Colbert following his on-air comments about the alleged affair between her and Prince William.

In a statement provided to In Touch Weekly by Hanbury's legal team, it was confirmed that they have sent a legal notice to CBS and several other reputable media organizations in response to Colbert's remarks. The statement clarified that the recent surge in the rumours surrounding Hanbury and Prince William seems to have been amplified by Colbert's joke on The Late Show.

The controversy erupted when Colbert referenced the ongoing conspiracy theories regarding Kate Middleton's absence from public view and the speculated tensions within the royal couple. During his segment, Colbert mentioned Rose Hanbury as the alleged mistress of Prince William and expressed sympathy for Kate Middleton, stating, "My heart goes out to poor Kate [Middleton]."

The resurgence of the affair rumours gained momentum due to Prince William's guarded responses about Kate's extended absence following her abdominal surgery earlier in January.

However, Hanbury vehemently denied the allegations in a recent statement to Business Insider, categorically stating, "The rumors are completely false."

The legal action taken by Rose Hanbury underscores the serious nature of these rumours and their potential impact on the individuals involved, emphasizing the importance of accurate and responsible reporting by the media.

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