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Rose Hanbury's Legal Notice Against Stephen Colbert Deemed Unlikely to Succeed

Rose Hanbury's Legal Notice Against Stephen Colbert Deemed Unlikely to Succeed

Stephen Colbert recently featured a segment on his show addressing the persistent rumors surrounding an alleged affair between Prince William and Rose Hanbury.

While Rose Hanbury may have expressed dismay over the swirling rumors linking her to Prince William, legal experts suggest that her case against late-night host Stephen Colbert may not hold substantial merit.

Attorney Neama Rahmani, who has no involvement in the case and represents neither party, shared insights with Us Weekly regarding the legal notice served to Colbert by the Marchioness of Cholmondeley.

"Upon careful examination of Stephen Colbert's remarks, it becomes evident that he was merely highlighting the existence of widespread rumors and speculations, much like any of us discussing the matter here," Rahmani clarified. "Colbert's statements were not presented as definitive facts but rather as reflections of ongoing public discourse."

Rahmani further elaborated, "Given the nuanced and speculative nature of Colbert's comments, it would be challenging to construct a strong defamation case against him."

While Hanbury might have the option to pursue legal action, Rahmani opined that the likelihood of a successful outcome appears to be relatively low.

The rumors surrounding an alleged affair between Hanbury and Prince William first surfaced in 2019, with additional speculation suggesting a rift between Kate Middleton and Hanbury in the aftermath of these rumors.

Kensington Palace has maintained a consistent stance of refraining from commenting on speculative matters.

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