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Meghan Markle Shields Prince Harry from Anticipated Royal Rejection

Meghan Markle Shields Prince Harry from Anticipated Royal Rejection

Meghan Markle exhibited keen discernment in a move to shield her husband, Prince Harry, from potential hostility, a choice lauded as sagacious.

The Duke of Sussex, flying solo to London, graced the highly awaited 10th anniversary of the Invictus Games at St. Paul’s Cathedral on Wednesday. While Meghan's name adorned the guest list, she opted for absence, a decision underscored by royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams.

Fitzwilliams, imparting wisdom to The Mirror, suggested that Meghan "wisely perceived a preference from the hostile press and public for her absence from the St. Paul’s Service," with their forthcoming Nigerian excursion masking an underlying setback.

Prince Harry's entreaty for a meeting with King Charles, extended a month prior, met with refusal. A representative for Harry relayed to the press the non-occurrence of the meeting, citing the monarch's packed schedule.

Despite sources affirming the King's perpetual openness to his younger son, Fitzwilliams underscored the absence of formal arrangements as inevitably construed as a slight.

"This omission will undoubtedly be construed as a snub. It is apparent that the planning did not align with expectations, considering King Charles's consistent assertion of an open-door policy towards Harry," he concluded.

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